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Disagreement Defines Measure K Debate

What started as a civil debate about a city ballot measure that would require mandatory runoffs in contested city elections turned into a tense battle.

The four panelists who gathered at San Diego State University for Politifest on Saturday agreed on one thing: The current election process, which allows city candidates to win outright in June elections, needs to change.

There wasn’t much agreement beyond that, a reality that became particularly apparent when a labor leader who’s advocated for the ballot item known as Measure K joked he’d rather not sit beside a former state senator who also supports the measure. None of the the panelists could agree on method or reason behind the need for changes in the electoral procedures.

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ABC10 News: Inicia campaña para promover el voto ante el ausentismo de votantes en la pasada elección

By Claudia Llausas

SAN DIEGO - En la última elección en junio tres de cada diez electores empadronados acudieron a las urnas a votar y Alliance San Diego una organización no lucrativa inició este día una movilización para motivar a los electores a participar en la próxima elección el martes 4 de noviembre.

Andrea Guerrero dirigente de Alliance San Diego dijo que un pequeño grupo de personas está decidiendo por la mayoría de los electores del condado de San Diego y por tal motivo es importante participar en decisiones que afectan nuestras vidas y la de nuestros seres queridos.


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Univision: Inician campaña para fomentar el voto

La organización Alliance San Diego anuncia un esfuerzo para incrementar la participación de de los votantes para las elecciones generales del 04 de noviembre

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KUSI News: Alliance San Diego launches "Vote For San Diego" campaign

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - After a very low voter turn-out in the June elections, Alliance San Diego is launching a voter mobilization campaign called, "Vote For San Diego."

The non-profit organization is pushing San Diegans to voice their opinion so the city of San Diego government can be a true reflection of the communities it serves.

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KPBS: San Diego Group Works To Boost Voter Turnout

By Susan Murphy

Just 20 percent of registered voters in San Diego cast a ballot in the June primary. Some experts blamed a lack of heated races combined with voter fatigue.

San Diegans had voted for a new mayor, a city councilwoman, a state senator and an assemblywoman — mostly in separate special elections and all within 18 months.

Andrea Guerrero, executive director of Alliance San Diego, has another reason: she says people were unaware there was an election.

"In July, Alliance San Diego surveyed 1,000 voters in low-voting communities to ask them if they knew when the next election was and only a quarter knew," Guerrero said.

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