San Diego’s current system allows candidates to win elections in the June primary with votes from a significantly small fraction of people they represent. Not only is this small number of people voting for candidates, they are also voting for major city ballot initiatives.

Measures K&L would ensure that these types of decisions are voted on in November, which is when most people vote. Those in favor of measures K&L say that these measures will allow elected officials to be a better reflection of the communities they serve, which creates a more inclusive democracy. Those in opposition say that propositions unnecessarily extend campaigns.


MEASURE “K” requires a runoff election at the November general election between the two candidates who received the most votes in the June primary election. 

  • Opponents say if a candidate wins in the June primary, why should we hold another election. It's everyone's responsibility to vote in June and if people don't vote, that's their choice.
  • Supporters say we should elect our city leaders in November when the majority of people vote. This will make our city leaders more accountable to a larger number of voters.
MEASURE “L” requires citizens’ initiative and referendum measures to be submitted to voters on the next November general election ballot and not at a June primary election, unless the City Council chooses to submit the measure to voters prior to that election.
  • Opponents say we should not overload the November ballot and if there are issues we can decide in the June primary election, then we should decide them then.
  • Supporters say we should make decisions on the issues that affect us all when the most voters participate, and that is the November general election when turnout often doubles.

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