Vote for SD Testimonials

What does Vote for San Diego mean to you?



Pamela Marin

“Vote for San Diego means coming together as a community. As San Diegans we should come together and empower each other to voice our opinions, to better our city. It’s rare to find an organization that really works for the community. It’s a chance to give back to a city that’s given so much.”


Toribio Verduzco

“Vote for San Diego means we should vote for what we think is best for the community and society.”

Kathleen Le

“Vote for San Diego means being able to provide a better lifestyle for future generations living in San Diego.”


Arny Brenes

“Vote For San Diego means having a say in the political process.”


Michelle Parra

“Vote for San Diego means an opportunity for the community to be informed and take part of change through voting.”


Heather Scott

“Vote for San Diego – It means: Meeting a woman from the Congo; a man from Tanzania who says he’s an “other”; a white woman answers her door, the garbage stinks she says, “no one comes here”. It means: Helping people; it means giving them a voice. It means: Making friends; it means learning; it means being humbled and finding gratitude.”



John Morales

“Vote For San Diego means that people are out there who care about our community. They want to make their communities better by reaching out to people in hopes of raising voter participation.”


Brenda Rodriguez

“Vote for San Diego means bringing awareness and consciousness to our neighbors about the power of our vote, and our voice regardless of one’s political party.”


Paola Tonella

“Vote for San Diego means all the community having the opportunity to express their own opinion. The more people participates, the better San Diego would become.”


Armando Abundis

“Vote for San Diego means that you encourage people to vote for a better San Diego and have people’s voices heard and alert them so that they can change their community by voting. To me, this means we are making a change by asking people to make a change for themselves.”


Lesley Reyes Ponce

“Vote for San Diego means having the ability to empower change in our community.”


Bekele G. Mariam

“Vote for San Diego means community power, community engagement, impacting the issues affecting us and the possibility of change.”