We decide. Let’s Crash The Party and Vote!


By Tomás Perez

When it comes to parties, sometimes the best one are the ones you get to crash. That’s exactly what I plan to do on election day when I go to the polls and vote.

For me, elections feel like one big party that we, the people, are often not invited to. It seems like these parties are only for big companies and politicians. That can be a real turn off, especially for millennials like myself. Our generation has so much voting potential, but we have one of the lowest turnout rates in the electorate.

Well guess what, I’m here to invite you to Crash the Party with me and vote on Tuesday, November 8! When we vote together, we become decision makers and agents of change.

The fact of the matter is, money isn’t what decides elections. People decide which candidates win, and what propositions pass, and they do it by voting. What better way to make these political insiders sweat and challenge their power plays? If you want to give these people a run for their money, crash the party!

It ain’t a party without us, so let’s Crash the Party and vote on Tuesday, November 8!

Tomás Perez has been calling voters all across San Diego to encourage them to vote as part of Alliance San Diego’s civic engagement program.